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The end of the shopping mall?

This article on discusses the future of the mega shopping malls.  The future seems to be uncertain both due to the current economic slowdown but also because the recent radical fluctuations in the price of gas has made people think about using their cars wastefully.  Get that, people are actually thinking now.  Those collective decisions played some part in the tanking of the price of gas over the last few months.

People in Europe have been dealing with sky high gas prices for a long time now and it shows in how their cities have developed.  You find good mass transit and walkable communities where you can step out your door and shop for most of your needs.

Frankford is well positioned along a major mass transit corridor.  Thinking people even now, can see that the future lies here.

3 thoughts on “The end of the shopping mall?

  1. In 10 years Frankford will be the next Northern Liberties. We are the perfect location.

  2. Birds Birds Birds, Gilberts Upholstery, Cramers Kiddie Shoppe are a few great stores on Frankford Avenue in Frankford that I love and frequent. I also think Leondro’s Pizza is the best in Philly. Me and my kids all get our hair cut at Lorenzo’s and I do my banking at Third Federal. Frankford Avenue has alot to offer and I would love to see it grow. Kudos to the Frankford Special Services District on installing the new trash cans and banners. The Avenue hasn’t looked this clean in over 10 years.

  3. Frankord Avenue does have alot of hidden gems. I have been getting my furniture redone from Gil Pons for years. Gil and his brothers are amazing! When you walk into their store you feel like you are in a store in New Hope or Chesnut Hill. Lastly, Frankford Avenue has not looked this clean in over 20 years. I agree the FSSD is doing a great job. Frankford is the next great neigborhood.

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