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Bird watching in Frankford

In the winter you see the birds on our deck easier without all the leaves in the trees.  My wife is always looking out for the wildlife and spotted this hawk this afternoon.  Does anybody know what kind it is.  I’ve never seen it in the neighborhood before although I have seen a few along the median on the Boulevard.

Let us know if you can identify it.  It has a reddish underbelly.

3 thoughts on “Bird watching in Frankford

  1. I’m near Foulkrod & Horrocks and there is a Hawk that’s been frequenting the backyard feasting on both smaller birds and squirrels.

    I’ve seen the Hawk dining from the third floor window (carries prey up in tree) as well as on the ground plucking feathers from a catch prior to dining.

    Was this bird large enough to be a hawk?

  2. When I first noticed him, I thought he was an Eagle because he was big. Then I looked up all the possibilities in the bird book and because of the red belly feathers I think he might be a red tailed hawk. It’s hard to see him well in the picture because he wouldn’t turn around for the camera. We’re not far from you, he might be your local hawk shopping on our block.

  3. its a falcon

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