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Update on 1522-24 Church Street

The new recovery house on the corner of Church and Griscom has been visited by L&I who found no activity.  img_2542edit

Our Councilperson has requested a revisit for another inspection.  She will continue to monitor this case until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the community.  It was through an unfortunate office oversite that Father Steve at St. Joachims did not receive a callback on his previous contact.   It will not happen again.

9 thoughts on “Update on 1522-24 Church Street

  1. Councilman-at-large Bill Greenlee and State Representative John Taylor were the two elected officials who contacted L & I for the neighbors on Church Street as well as Father Steve from St. Joachim’s Church. Get your facts straight.

  2. 1522-24 Church Street is not a Recovery House as of today. They still need to get thought zoning. The Frankford Civic Association is against the zoning be approved.

  3. The facts we post are the facts we have. That is what the comments are here for. If you have facts that we don’t you post them.

    This is the time for Frankford to stand together in opposition to this and all the other unlicensed recovery houses.

  4. I agree we need to stand together, but Sanchez needs to step up to the plate. For over a year she has been giving Frankford nothing. She is all about “Smoke and Mirrors”.

    State Rep. John Taylor gets things done. I am glad he is fighting this Recovery House from opening on the 1500 block of Church Street.

    I am sorry if I came on to strong.

  5. […] Recovery House, we already have another one in the pipeline.  Apparently there’s some halfway house action happening at the corner of Griscom and Church.  And it’s pretty apparent from the comments that follow the post that there are other […]

  6. We welcome your comments and passion. In times like these, with our future in the balance, we need a bit of passion. This is the time to make a difference and it will only happen when we all start to push in the same direction. There are signs that we are starting to get ball rolling.

  7. That’s right there is no facility at 1524 Church St. because it is being fixed up, but IT IS at 1522 Church St., a couple more guys moved in this past Saturday. I know this because I have to share my front steps with them.

  8. Hey I have an idea! During the summer when I put my 3 ft. pool up I’ll have the Councilpeople come over with their older daughter, granddaughter, nieces and sisters and we’ll all go in my backyard in our bathing suits and splash and have fun while the house full of rehabing men are next door. Does that sound like a plan. It must because right now my 2 daughter and myself have no choice. Thank you for checking out the neighbors Councilperson!

  9. That reminds of the recovery house at the corner of penn and orthodox where they had a fire a while back. A man living in the apt house next door was sitting on his steps on a hot summer night drinking a beer. One of the recovery house people came out and told him not to sit on his own stoop and drink beer because he was in recovery and he don’t want to see that. The apt man replied that no one asked him if it was ok for a bunch of men to recover next door to his apt and because he has no air conditioner in his apartment he was gonna sit right there and drink beer till the heat wave was over. A few weeks later there was a fire alledgedly started by a disgruntled person in the recovery house. The tenants in the apt building lost all of their cloths and possesions from smoke damage and were displaced. There was no one around to help them recover from that fire. Salvation army pitched in. Insurance paid for the recovery house to be rebuilt. The apt renters had no renters insurance so they got the shaft and the taxpayers as usual picked up the tab for all of it cuz we can afford to spread the wealth, right?. God bless America! When did the citizens lose their rights to the American Dream?

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