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Grand Army of the Republic Ruan House

In the Bulletin Friday was a nice story by Tom Nickels about the Ruan House which he titled “Inside the Grand Army of the Republic Museumimg_2541editand an editor headlined “Memorial to Civil War Oddities”.  I know Tom would not have used that phrase.  But for those who do not know about this unique place in Frankford, it is a good introduction.  From this picture that I took today, the structure itself has never looked better.  You can find their web site on our Frankford Resources page or go to it directly via this link.

5 thoughts on “Grand Army of the Republic Ruan House

  1. I came here once for a field trip from St Joachim’s. The guy gave us some kinda bread that was a recreation of civil war field rations. It was really neat.

  2. Isn’t that bread hard as a rock? I forget the name they gave it but it’s supposed to last forever.

    Wasn’t this building the residence of S Brooke in the mid 1800s as shown in this map?


  3. Hardtack doesn’t sound too appetizing

  4. Many years have passed since I’ve eaten that thing but it’s drywall taste still stays with me.

    I actually thought that house had been the Wamrath Mansion, I guess I was wrong. Was there ever such a thing?

  5. What jewels we have in the GAR and the Frankford Historical Society and what well kept secrets they are. The underground slave railway also had a stop here at Campbell church where the first black childrens school in america was guess where? In Frankford. And got to love tha Friends meeting house #1 too. And the “new one” on Orthodox Street too. How rich our history is in this little area. Why did we ever join up with the rest of Philadelphia anyway?

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