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Frankford’s Heroes of the Web: Wikipedia’s BillFlis

Wikipedia LogoWe at the Gazette are not alone in bringing Frankford’s affairs to the light of the internet.  Long before we started over at blogspot, Frankford has had a faithful following over at Wikipedia.  And for as long as I’ve been doing stuff on this site, I have had to look things up, whether they be Frankford’s history or politicians or places, or events.  And my first stop has always been Wikipedia.  And among all those entries there has been one consistant thread: someone with the username of BillFlis.

BillFlis has started the articles on Friend’s Hospital, the Frankford Arsenal, John Ruan House, the Frankford Creek, Frankford Friend’s School, and Greenwood Cemetery.  He has also contributed to Frankford’s own entry, Whitehall Borough, Lidia Darragh, St Joachim’s Church, St Mark’s Episcopal Church, Cedar Hill Cemetery, and now I’m getting tired of listing them all.

I don’t know anything about this guy(if he is a guy), my google searches don’t turn up much, I don’t even know if he lives in Frankford.  I get the impression he doesn’t, just because he contributes heavily to other Philadelphia neighborhoods and historical figures in general.  And his most impressive contributions seem to be about Billy Penn and his family.  But he is certainly a juggernaut over there and his breadth of knowledge and tenacity make him a valued asset to Frankord on the internet.

So we solute you dude.  We know how truly daunting it is sorting out the facts of this neighborhood.

P.S.  We couldn’t help to notice you could use a few fair use pics in those entries of yours.  And we have tons, let us know if you’d like to use our pics. I can be reached through