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Art holiday for Rent

Just noticed in passing.  It has been gutted of whatever remained of the theater.  img_2544editAt least we know it will never be a porno house again.

2 thoughts on “Art holiday for Rent

  1. I see the for rent sign. What king of business can open in there?. It would be good if they make it into a family oriented theater or cinima.

  2. Say what you will about the sex worker industry that owner kept his store front and sidewalk clean and operated a profitable business since 1957. That is more than can be said for a lot of business owners on the ave. The data suggests a bowling alley would be good there or a bingo but oh wait the zoning overlay prohibits that. Well who wants to move there when you have that disgraceful mess the PPA left there next door. Why aren’t people upset about that PPA lot it is a much more noticable eyesore than the Art Holiday ever was. It could have been a custom motorcycle shop recently but thanks to the zoning overlay that can’t happen either.

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