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Frankford CDC Board Meeting

The Frankford CDC held a public board of directors meeting Tuesday night at Frankford High School.  Visitors attending the meeting were met at the door by the members of the Frankford High Junior ROTC and directed to the 2nd floor library.

The CDC is emerging from a period of rebuilding from financial setbacks that threatened its existence.  At this point the financial issues are being dealt with and the board is looking toward a brighter future.


You can find much more information on their website than I can pass on here.  I met with Tracy O’Drain Monday morning to talk about the CDC and where it stands today.  We chatted for about 90 minutes on the second floor of that building at 4900 Griscom Street.  She has a great view up there.  Tracy has her hands in a lot of different pots but is primarily responsible for business development.  You can expect to here more news from the CDC on a more regular basis.

New to add to your calendar is the date for the Frankford Festival which will be June 20th.  The location is now moving back to Overington Park.  More news will be forthcoming but think talent contest.

6 thoughts on “Frankford CDC Board Meeting

  1. The Mayfair CDC has, we can agree, done some very big things for a neighborhood that is, yes different than Frankford, but still not without its troubles. I would very much like to see the Frankford CDC to get downright silly with activity.

  2. Same old tricks having a meeting on a holiday. How much public participation do you want if you are holding meetings on holidays when people are not going to attend. They wouldnt have it on mlk day so why is st Patrick’s Day ok? Typical CDC dog and pony show bs. This organization is a do nothing bunch of pompus, do nothing, crumugins having a lil dog and pony show to give funders the impression they are trying to involve the residents of Frankford which is a total crock. They are as bad as FGM was. Good riddancs to FGM btw. I blame them for many of Frankfords problems and I’m glad their shanannigans are over.

  3. what happened to the Frankford Group Ministry?

  4. They are gone. The building is closed up and its last remnants are in the parsonage now. The Rev. Bowers gone too.

  5. You know I find that so funny. Because when I first moved back to 19124 there was a guy over on phillyblog that was describing the FGM as something like the evil imperial overlords of Frankford, like they were the godfathers of social services bent on destroying anything good and holy. I’ve come to find that there are like 20 of these organizations bent on domination but for a while I really thought they were huge power players. But after doing this website for a couple years, they didn’t really seem to factor into too much activity. Go figure.

  6. they did plenty of damage i was here and saw alot of it first hand over the years.

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