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Romain House

Romain HouseThe Romain House will get a makeover thanks to HGTV.  As we reported back in February, the Romain House was in the running for a makeover.  Viewers could vote for the home of their choice and Philadelphia (Frankford) and St. Louis came out on top.  So when the makeover is complete we’ll post a before and after picture for everyone to see.  I expect most of the improvements will be on the inside for the comfort and safety of the residents.

Thanks to Shirley for the tip.

Update on March 31st from

…the three- bedroom facility located on Romain Street in the historic Frankford District, provides veterans with food, shelter and employment assistance after concluding military service. The 70-year old home will receive a kitchen remodel and new appliances, insulation, windows and renovations to a bathroom that will improve accessibility for disabled veterans….the makeovers also will be featured in an HGTV special in October 2009.

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