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Frankford Has Burned

1338 Harrison St burned.

Burned Out House with Fireman Cutback Sign in Foreground

This happened a while ago.  It would be awesome if the owner could come clean their shit up.


[the entire saga]

6 thoughts on “Frankford Has Burned

  1. Some times owners are not allowed to clean up if the property is a crime scene due to an arson investigation or the insurance company is taking forever to process the inspection and claim. I have seen it take a year or more.

  2. That it sits in 19124, I’m not inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  3. maybe they were hurt in the fire.?

  4. It’s possible that the residents were hurt in the fire but it looks as though this was a rental. And (I think) it’s the responsibility of the owner of the house to maintain their property. Wouldn’t this be a quality of life issue for the other residents of the block? Won’t the burned out wreckage in the front yard help to further sink this block?

  5. Where is CLIP now??? oh that’s right driving up and down “good” neighborhood blocks writing up fines for “garbage” Ha!

  6. My business, housed in a seriously historic early-19th-century building, suffered a devastating fire 9 March. We were not allowed to arrange clean-up even of the awful debris outside, *around* the building, for almost three months; we still are in only the beginning stages of supplying our property with first aid that should have been applied starting 3/10. (No, we were not suspected of arson.) It has been heartbreaking to us.

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