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Residents Of Harrison Street, Councilwoman Sanchez Has Called Me Back!

Burned Out House with Fireman Cutback Sign in ForegroundAt 11:40 am the councilwoman called me back in regards to 1338 Harrison Street.  She said she was passing the information off.  I forgot to ask to whom(this shows I’m no journalist), I assume it was to L&I.  She said steps to remediate this may take some time since this involves a fire.  She also spoke of possibly of citing the owners of the house.

We must stay vigilant however, the mission isn’t over until this shit is gone.

So what have we learned today?  Our councilwoman reads her email(

[the entire saga]

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  1. i am the owner of 1338 Harrison St and lived there for 30yrs before i moved out in 1998, i now rent the property out and recently had a major fire 2 months back , the insurance co had to do a full investigation and i was unable to get rid of anything until now which i plan on cleaning the front of the house sat april 18 if I’m able to get a dumpster, if not sat then during the week. growing up in fkd most of my life and watching the house you lived in burn down is a very hard thing to handle. i have full intentions to fix this property up if structurally possible and apologize for the look of the condition the house is in now

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