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Spring into your Park in Frankford

Well you could not ask for better weather for a park cleanup day.   So first off were the volunteers at Wilmot Park map across the street from the Second Baptist Church on Mulberry Street.  There was a group of about 20 folks ranging in age from the very young to the less young.  All were busy doing their various jobs and enjoying the outdoors after our recent rainy period.  I took some pictures and then went over to Overington Park map where things were well underway.  This group, lead by Diane Kunze, had a much bigger job with not many more volunteers than the folks over on Wilmot.

Refreshments for both groups were supplied by Maria Quinones-Sanchez and Tony Payton.  From Maria’s office was Jason Dawkins and Tony came out himself.  Thanks to both for the support.

2 thoughts on “Spring into your Park in Frankford

  1. Diane is doing a great job with Overington park! It look beautiful.

  2. When all was said and done we had 60 volunteers help clean up and plant over 50 plants in our park. It was a great day to come out and do something good for our community. Thanks to everyone for the fine work that was done on Saturday!

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