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Where the Ancestors Slumber

Interesting presentation about historic African American cemeteries coming up on the 21st at 1PM at Stenton, 4601 N 18th Street.

Joe Menkevich, local historical researcher, has been doing research on the historic cemetery at Wilmot Park (Meadow Street across from 2nd Baptist) which is now under the playground there and will attend the meeting.  This cemetery was in use at least through the early 20th century.  It should be on the historic register.  Follow this link to more information about the meeting.

african american cemeteries

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Name the Parks

We are fortunate to have two newly refurbished parks in Frankford with the completion of Hedge Street Park in July (Hedge and Orthodox Sts.) and Wilmot Park (Meadow and Mulberry Sts.) in 2013.

Those projects were grass roots efforts by Frankford residents with a vision and through the hard work of many, including Kim Washington, Jason Dawkins and the Frankford Parks Group (Tony Smith, President). Thanks to Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez for finding the funding to make them happen.

Now that residents can take real pride in these parks, there is an opportunity to give them official names with a dedication by the city and all the hoopla that entails. The community should have a say in giving them official names and this is your opportunity.

Should we keep the names as they are now? Should they be named for someone in the community, past or present? Should they be named for something else? It’s up to you. Make your recommendations as a comment to this post below or if you like email to

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Historic Wilmot Park

Wilmot Park saw a crush of volunteers Friday from Honeywell and Rebuilding Together Philadelphia.   Volunteers at the event replaced backboards, built benches for basketball spectators, planted trees, installed a flagpole and a commemorative sign to honor the park’s previous life as a cemetery for veterans, and carried out a general cleanup of the site.

Additionally, to further honor the park’s history as a cemetery for veterans, Honeywell employees were building a ramp at the American Legion Post 224. Commanders from Post 224 were to be on site to later in the afternoon to raise the American flag and direct the park’s first flag raising ceremony.

This is continuation of the improvements which were started by a grant from Councilwoman Sanchez office last year for the removal of the old playground equipment and the installation of new in the Spring.  The basketball league that was restarted this year played under difficult circumstances though with the old backboards and hoops.  These improvements will make a big difference for the kids and neighbors using the park.

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Wilmot Park Playground

Frankford Parks group has been working on this project to rehab the Wilmot Park playground (Mulberry and Meadow Streets) since last year.  The old equipment was removed then and this Spring the playground got a new surface.  It’s padded so that the kids can play safely.  New equipment looks really great.  I was there while school was open, so it was unoccupied.