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Philadelphia Actual Valuation Initiative for Real Estate Taxes

The Inquirer has posted a database of the proposed new tax rates.  In case you have missed it, the proposal is to recompute real estate taxes based on the estimated actual market value of your property.  The present system makes no sense and is an invitation to fraud and misuse.  So you can go to this link and see what your taxes would be under the proposed system.  I am guessing that most taxes in Frankford will go down because our values have not increased relative to the rest of the city.

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Actual Valuation Initiative for Real Estate Taxes

  1. Inquirer magic says 35% increase.

    And I assume this is without the mayors temporary property tax increases.

  2. I would think so. I went up and down my block and most were down marginally. One went up 137%. There are some bugs to be worked out?

  3. mine increases by $150 bucks. 🙁

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