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Crime Page Update

crime graphicI’ve updated the crime map page to include the period from May 25 through June 6th.  The results over the last few weeks have shown that the police are doing a great job at keeping the slime balls in check.  It is a tribute to their hard work and dedication under difficult circumstances.  The next time you see a cop in Frankford, say thank you.  It is unfortunate that some other neighborhoods may not be getting the coverage that had previously enjoyed but you put the resource where the problems are.

Some folks think that Frankford should have no police protection because it is too far gone.  That attitude is what created this mess in the first place.  We live here, WE PAY TAXES, we deserve the service.  We will dig ourselves out of this hole.  Then the police will be free to move on the next hot spot.

2008 2009
Homicide 0 0
Rape 0 0
robbery 15 15
ag assault 17 10
Theft 43 39
burglary 18 13
Total 93 77
guns 9 6
knives 9 2
other 2 6
Total 20 14