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Crime map Update

crime graphicI’ve updated the crime map page with the latest data for the period from June 8th through June 21st.  Comparing it to the same period last year shows a decline in overall crime but an increase in crimes with guns.  This does seem to make sense.  Thank the police for their efforts.  They are puting their necks on the line every day.  Crime is not down because the bums and low life characters have seen the light.  It’s down because they have felt the heat.  This is what it takes.

2008 2009
Homicide 0 0
Rape 3 0
robbery 20 15
ag assault 14 19
Theft 58 49
burglary 20 21
Total 115 104
guns 9 13
knives 2 1
other 6 6
Total 17 20