Frankford Home of the week

This week we’re still in historic East Frankford.  I was surprised as usual when I turned onto the 4500 block of Melrose Street.  These twins were both nice and well kept.  it’s almost hard to tell that they are twins though.  The one on the right has seen some significant changes over the years.  The one on the left looks to be in its original configuration.

melrose 453941 small

  • crazymommy

    the one on the left has the traditional pair of sneakers flung over the wires for that down home philly designer touch.

  • Gil

    Yes, now we’re going to get hits from everybody in the world looking for that unique urban custom. When I am looking out for houses, the first thing I look at is the curb. If you find clean sidewalks and curbs, the people are taking care of the property. We have some interesting ones coming up in the next 6 weeks or so. Now that the weather has been good for taking pictures. Thanks for the feedback. it’s good to know somebody is out there.

  • joseph

    Oh we look forward to seeing these houses thanks Gil

  • joseph

    Gil I enjoy very much the homes of the week. Thanks!! Love the holidays homes

  • JohnS

    4500 Melrose is not in Frankford.

  • Gil

    When I started writing about Frankford, one problem I had was that there was no official Frankford. Neighborhoods are unofficial areas for the most part. Eventually I decided to use the U of Penn Neighborhood base as my guide.

  • doc

    4500 Melrose st. is in Frankford the zip code 19124…..get your neighborhood right!

  • Gil

    When I grew up in Bridesburg before both I-95 and the connection between Aramingo and Harbison Ave. were built, we did think of the boundary as the railroad tracks. There are a lot of folks in the area who identify with Bridesburg. But I give it to Frankford subject to some higher authority deciding otherwise.

  • JohnS

    hey doc. once again 4500 melrose is the neighborhood of bridesburg. since you’re such a locational buff why dont you take a ride to that block and ask some of the residents what neighborhood they live in.

  • joseph

    You guys are acting like its the White House. Geez

  • Anonymous

    I took a ride on that block and asked some of the residents and I asked them what neighborhood that we were in and they said Bridesburg. Then I went to 4600 Leiper street and ask them and they said Northwood. Then I went to Kensington and they said Fishtown. Do you know what I’m getting at? Why can’t we get along. Its Micheal Jackson day.

  • joseph

    Did they film Blow out in that house? :}

  • Jim

    “Did they film Blow out in that house?”

    In two years, that’s by far the funniest comment we’ve had