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McDonald’s For Whom I Was Not Qualified to Work Robbed By Serial Bandits

This is the one at Oxford and Sanger.  It was 1995 maybe, and I was 17… maybe.  My friend Ben was a fry jockey there and I was broke.  The way I remember it, Ben got me the interview but it’s probably more likely that I just showed up and filled out the app.  I can’t remember the girl’s name who interviewed me but she was young too, like 19, yet assistant manager.  It was my first job interview ever and I failed at about all the questions.  She asked me to name a time I overcame a difficult task and I had to make something up.  I remember I rambled something about a fictitious bridge project I had to do for school.  The event was a singular moment in me being a tool.  But the best part was when she asked me why I wanted to work at McDonald’s, and I, probably trying to sound funny, or flirt or whatever just looked at her and said “I just love your sausage McMuffins”.  Which I did.  I knew she’d either find it funny or….not.  Awe man, I go through a shame spiral just typing the event out.  It was awesome, she just stared blankly back at me.  She said she’d let me know if any positions opened up but Ben said she hired the next four guys she interviewed.

Anyways, Fox News reports that it was the fifth McDonald’s robbed in the last month when three men brandishing guns walked in at 11 am yesterday and made off with $300.   Good times.