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What Does No More Mean?

I got an email from a reader about a sober house. Well I thought that sounded interesting so I poked around on the internet.

Sellers 1305c small

Penn 4440b small

1305 Sellers Street([1305 Sellers on BRT], [1305 Sellers on Google Maps]) and 4440 Penn Street( [4440 Penn on BRT], [4440 Penn on Google Maps]) are being advertised on Craigs list in PA and NJ as the Crossroads Sober Home.

william loew rss ads

william loew craigs list nj

I always laugh when the people in the rehab business and even our own politicians tell us that Frankford has all these recovery houses because this is where the drug users and drinkers live.  This is one blatant example of the fact that this owner is importing them for us.  They live in Frankford because these guys provide the services.  We pay a price so these guys can make a buck and yet they don’t even have the consideration to ask our opinion.  Remember the problem is not the people living in these houses.  The source of the problem is the owner of the property.

I guess this will be another case where the neighbors call the council office and express their concern and then nothing happens.  There is a lot of that going on.  That being the case we’re going to start keeping score.

We had the two at the corner of Church St. and Griscom.  So far that one is unresolved.  Now we have these two.  We’ll keep you updated on what happens with them.

If you would like to call Councilwoman:

7th District – Councilwoman Maria D. Quinones Sanchez

Maria Quinones Sanchez (D)
Room 592 City Hall, 19107
686-3448, 3449; fax: 686-1936

3 thoughts on “What Does No More Mean?

  1. Nice investigation. One would think these boarding homes would have to be licensed by L & I. I will be sure to write the councilwoman concerning these properties.

  2. Well the folks who live on Sellers Street ti[[ed me off about Craig’s list. You can imagine how they feel about it.

  3. It doesn’t have a proper zoning for boarding house from what I see on BRT. Now I will keep an eyes on Craig’s list from time to time. Look like the owner doesn’t live in Frankford. He is probably careless about what is happening in here.

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