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Murder in Frankford

crime graphicThe details of this crime are unclear because the body was sound subsequent to the killing.  I know that area because that was where my family lived when I was born and my grandparents lived there till 1964.  There are a lot of alleys running along the rear yards of the block.  It sounds like it was in the back of the 2000 block of Wilmot Street.  Link to the report in the Daily News.  This may be number 4 for the year.

Police are investigating the slaying of a man who was found with two gunshot wounds to the chest in a Frankford alley about 9:30 a.m. yesterday. The body was found under overgrown weeds between rowhouses on Margaret and Wilmot streets, near Torresdale Avenue.   The victim, a Hispanic male who police believe was in his mid-20s, had not been identified.  “There are gunshots every night, or every other night,” said Yvonne Flores, 40, who lives on the block. “You go to sleep and you don’t know what’s going on.”