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I Finally Made It To Leandro’s Pizza

leandros pizza

A discussion raged on our message board a little while back as to what is the best pizza in Frankford and that it had to be Leandro’s Pizza House at Frankford and Sellers.  I was urged to go by Bishop but had the broad street run to do and so put it off…. for like ever.  I think I had Leandro’s before, maybe when I was 15, I can’t really remember, but being so close to Oxford Ave my goto pizza shop has always been Champion so this was new and exciting.  And it was delicious.  The pick above was my first trip.  The second time we got it delivered.

5 thoughts on “I Finally Made It To Leandro’s Pizza

  1. Leandros really is an unknown gem. Great pie.

  2. Chicken cheesesteak with mayo and curly fries. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Every time I stop by they’re always busy. If you head to Leandor expect some wait time, I love their Gyro with french fry and a can of beer.

  4. Just ate a pie at leandro’s WOW that was really good. Love the sausage.(did that sound gay?) Well anyway that pic you took of the two slices made me get a pie!!

  5. One of the best childhood memories of the old neighborhood is Leandro’s Pizza. I will always remember when they only had a little shop right at the bottom of the stairs in the El stop at Margaret and Orthodox. Getting off there and walking down the stairs ALWAYS made you have to stop and get a slice.

    Best Pizza in Frankford now I’d imagine (still) for well over 35 years.

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