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Two Weeks of Frankford Links

I was on vacation last week so I have two weeks worth of Frankford Links:

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I Finally Made It To Leandro’s Pizza

leandros pizza

A discussion raged on our message board a little while back as to what is the best pizza in Frankford and that it had to be Leandro’s Pizza House at Frankford and Sellers.  I was urged to go by Bishop but had the broad street run to do and so put it off…. for like ever.  I think I had Leandro’s before, maybe when I was 15, I can’t really remember, but being so close to Oxford Ave my goto pizza shop has always been Champion so this was new and exciting.  And it was delicious.  The pick above was my first trip.  The second time we got it delivered.

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Things I’ve Learned From the Message Board and A Picture I’m Not Posting Here

Since the last time I pleaded for any of Frankford’s thirty eight THOUSAND residents to go over to our message board and strike up a conversation, I’ve learned quite a few things.

  • Too many things to list about Overington Manor, that thread itself has made setting the message board up worthwhile
  • The clubhouse for the Frankford Yellow Jackets was the corner house at Penn and Dyre
  • It has been alleged that Leandro’s Pizza is the best pizza in Frankford
  • The PMBC’s first cleanup this year is on April 4th

P.S.  I’ve posted 2 photos.  One is of Overington Manor in 1951, the second one is the exact same shot I just took this past Sunday, 58 years later.  I haven’t posted it here though.  It’s over on the message board.