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Two Weeks of Frankford Links

I was on vacation last week so I have two weeks worth of Frankford Links:

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Kenny’s Soul and Seafood Restaurant


Kenny's Soul and Seafood Restaurant

My mission today was to meet the winner of the Frankford CDC Phillies Phever Decorating Contest.  Kenny Hill and his fiancee Keisha Gore have been in business down at 4428 Frankford Avenue for about 3 years now.  Against some stiff competition they came in first in the contest.

Kenny offers a varied menu of seafood and soul food at moderate prices.  Breakfast is also served until 3:00 PM.  All foods are prepared fresh.  At this time of year Kenny is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM till 10:00 PM.

They also do catering and private parties of all type: birthday, anniversary, kids.

Kenny is a native of North Philly but moved over to Frankford seven years ago.  He is a graduate of the JNA Institute of Culinary Arts.  Running a restaurant is hard work in the best of times.  Many mornings he is up and out buying fresh fish or produce before dawn.

Kenny Hill and keisha Gore

Kenny Hill and Keisha Gore

The day I met him he was at the restaurant doing maintenance and cleaning up since it was a Wednesday.  I have to admit I have walked by Kenny’s dozens of times over the last few years without a thought. When the old timers wonder where all the good places to eat in Frankford have gone it never occurred to me that maybe some new ones have come in.  That is a lesson learned.

So I’ll be back to sample the fish and grits (sort of like a combination of the Cracker Barrel and Red Lobster but with a shorter drive).

You may want to check out the specials on Friday and Saturday night.  Kenny and Keisha will be happy to greet you.

Click here to have a look at their menu and here to see some of their specials.  They are large files and will take some time to load.