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Save on energy and help Overington House

LindaD posted over on our NEW message board and it’s definitely worth a repost here:

The Ama Nation is happy to welcome Overington House Inc , as Frankford’s first Affinity Partner! What does that mean you may wonder? AMA, America Approved Energy, is the marketing arm for Public Power. Public Power is an energy supplier new to Philadelphia. I am sure you know by now energy deregulation is here and customers can shop for a new supplier to get better rates on electricity. Public Power offers even more than just a great rate, they also offer a rewards program with points you can spend on merchandise and an Affinity program for non-profits to earn money for their organizations. To switch all you need to do is go to the webpage and sign up for free. Overington house, a Transitional Living Home for woman and children with an 11 year track record of success will get a monthly royalty payment for each customer that switches to Public Power at no cost to the customer or to Overington House! Now that is a win -win situation!

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