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Did I Mention That We Have a Community Message Board?

Cause we do, it’s right here.  You know what the funny thing about blogs is?  Other than the response comments it’s all one way communication.  I’m talking to you, and I’m the one dictating what gets talked about.  Now that’s fine, I love being in the driver’s seat.  But there’s a ton of stuff to know about Frankford that I’m just plain ignorant of.

Someone knew of the impending conversion of the Frankford Day Nursery before I did.  Someone knew about Wedge Medical and NET opening up under the ave before I did.  Someone knows about some other impending travesty about to be done to Frankford that I don’t know about.  So go over to the message board and say it.

There is a lot to talk about in Frankford.  Did someone offer you weed while you were walking down the street?  Go over to the message board and say where.  I’m not a fan of our counsilwoman, maybe you are so go over there and change my mind.  The thing I would really love to hear about are you stories of Frankford.  What it is today is the way it’s kinda been all my life,  go over to the message board and tell the stories of the things you remember.  Where were the stores you shopped at?  Tell us the history of this place because it goes back too far for me to relate it all by myself.

I dictate what gets said on this blog, go over to the message board and talk about what you want to talk about.


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Frankford Community Message Board

After months of tinkering and pondering we are happy to point you to the new Frankford Community Message Board.  It is hosted on and you will need to register to post but it is free and a good place to experiment with this format.  Why do we need this.  Well because we do get comments and as time has gone by the comments have become more frequent and more interesting.  This is one way to express your opinions at get something back.

We get over a thousand folks through here every month and yet only a few of us get to say anything.  The only condition is that we all make believe we are standing around together face to face.  Don’t say anything that you would not say in person.

The link is up on the quick links list.  Take a look.