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We have a new message board!

I’ve been pretty satisfied with the message board we’ve setup for Frankford over on Yuku.  But I’m so not into the ads, they’ve been running video that starts on it’s own and it’s just not optimal.  I think the best practice is to host your own so I’ve set one up.  The biggest downside is making all our users sign up again.  Also, I can’t import all of the old threads.  You can always get to the board by clicking on the word “Discussion” at the top of our page, and you can find it here:

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Things I’ve Learned From the Message Board and A Picture I’m Not Posting Here

Since the last time I pleaded for any of Frankford’s thirty eight THOUSAND residents to go over to our message board and strike up a conversation, I’ve learned quite a few things.

  • Too many things to list about Overington Manor, that thread itself has made setting the message board up worthwhile
  • The clubhouse for the Frankford Yellow Jackets was the corner house at Penn and Dyre
  • It has been alleged that Leandro’s Pizza is the best pizza in Frankford
  • The PMBC’s first cleanup this year is on April 4th

P.S.  I’ve posted 2 photos.  One is of Overington Manor in 1951, the second one is the exact same shot I just took this past Sunday, 58 years later.  I haven’t posted it here though.  It’s over on the message board.

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Another Week, Another Issue the Gazette is Late On

This is going to be a running joke, I can feel it.  Just a week after I whine about us being the last to find out about the conversion of the Frankford Day Nursery into another Recovery House, we already have another one in the pipeline.  Apparently there’s some halfway house action happening at the corner of Griscom and Church.  And it’s pretty apparent from the comments that follow the post that there are other residents that know more about it than we do.  We at the Gazette are not really journalists, and we cannot do this alone.

If you know of shenanigans going on in Frankford, why don’t you just mosy on over to our message board and post it, it’s right here.  It’s pretty anonymous, post gossip if you like.  And if you don’t know anything about the bad stuff, do something even better and post some good stuff.  I have never met a resident of Frankford that didn’t find something interesting, or from whom I was not able to learn more about it’s past.

I did this last week and got an awesome response.  I learned about Overington Manor and Leandros Pizza.  Go over and tell me something new this week.