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Pop Quiz Hotshots, Can You Guess This Oscar Nominated Old Timey Movie That Was Filmed In Frankford?

Over on the message board, a couple of users have come up with a thread about quizzing each other about Frankford and its history.  And now I have one.  Actually I don’t, friend of the Gazette, and Grey Lodge Brewmaster Mike Scotese brought this nugget to my attention.

Here’s a couple of hints.  It was nominated for an Oscar, it was made during the 40s, and it had prominent  exterior shots in both Tacony and Frankford, below you’ll find a screen shot of a scene from Frankford.

movie screenshot

Any guesses you can put into the comments section.  And if you have any fun facts that you’d like to tease, you don’t have to go through me, just head over to the message board and have some fun.