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Cause You’re The Main Line And I’m Griscom Street

kitty foyle poster

We’re on a roll finding movies filmed in Frankford.  Not only was “Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of Woman” filmed in Frankford, Ginger Rogers repeatedly reminds her man friend “You’re the main line and I’m Griscom Street.”  From IMDB:

Ginger Rogers, a hard-working white-collar girl from a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania low, middle-class family, meets and falls in love with young socialite Wyn Strafford but his family is against her.

Not only is she from Philly, SHE’S FROM GRISCOM STREET!  Unlike Pride of the Marines, we don’t really get any great shots of Frankford save for her going in to her father’s house in one shot below:

Kitty Foyle

I went through Google’s Street View of Griscom Street and can’t find the exact house, but up and down it there are quite a few houses that look similar, especially down around Church Street.  So I dunno, I’m thinking it’s the real Griscom Street but you never know with those Hollywood types.

Update: Via our facebook feed, we got a comment from Heather that said:

It was between Sellers and Unity… my Gram lived at 4442 Griscom. They probably only used the last 2 numbers for the houses back then. My Mom said it was diagonal from her house next to St Marks church lot, behind Bill’s meat market. It would have be one of the houses by where Dan Stoneback lived. Across from Cotter Co where the train came through…

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Still Pending: That 40s Movie With A Local Connection

I have no more guesses on that movie made in 40s that was filmed in Frankford and Tacony that I posted on Monday.  I’m so sad.  But maybe the clues were a little too hard.  I’ll leak some more.  It’s from the 40s so you may have guessed it’s about the second great war.  And you’d be right, it is about a soldier in WW2 anyways.  Here’s another screen shot:

tulip and hellerman old

That’s at Tulip and Hellerman in Tacony.  Here’s the google street view of what it looks like today.  In the movie, this is where the guy lived.  Any guesses?  C’mon, Philly even features in the beginning of the movie in an opening montage.  I’ll even give you the first line:  “This is Philadelphia, 1941.  Everyone has a home town, this mine, my name is Al Schmidt……”

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Pop Quiz Hotshots, Can You Guess This Oscar Nominated Old Timey Movie That Was Filmed In Frankford?

Over on the message board, a couple of users have come up with a thread about quizzing each other about Frankford and its history.  And now I have one.  Actually I don’t, friend of the Gazette, and Grey Lodge Brewmaster Mike Scotese brought this nugget to my attention.

Here’s a couple of hints.  It was nominated for an Oscar, it was made during the 40s, and it had prominent  exterior shots in both Tacony and Frankford, below you’ll find a screen shot of a scene from Frankford.

movie screenshot

Any guesses you can put into the comments section.  And if you have any fun facts that you’d like to tease, you don’t have to go through me, just head over to the message board and have some fun.