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Whitfield’s African American Fine Art Gallery

signI always feel like an idiot when I trip over something new that I has been hiding in plain sight.  So here I am again pointing to the obvious.

Randall Whitfield has been at work on Oxford Avenue (4945) across from Frankford High School for a few months now and I have whizzed by a hundred times and paid no attention to it at all.  There was a nail salon there for a while and I never really noticed that something had changed.  So we went by on Saturday and my more observant wife saw him on the sidewalk setting up a display. She asked why she hadn’t read anything about this in the Frankford Gazette.portrait

I took the hint and went over today to talk to him.  I don’t know anything at all about art but I do know something about work and Randall strikes me as a guy who has done some work during his life and now is doing what he wants.

sharksHe is a self taught painter.  He says he does it the old fashioned way but stretching his own canvas and setting up an easel and painting.  He has some things for sale of course and here are some pictures of what you will see.  He will be happy to talk to you if you stop by.  He is usually there between 9 and 5  during the week and on some weekends.  The phone number is 215-214-9520.

Click on any of the pictures for a full sized version.long shot

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