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Frankford Gardeners are Winners

Hawthorne 463436 small

Una Esther Coyle's garden

Several Frankford gardeners won recognition in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 2009 City Gardens contest.

  • In the Combination Vegetable/Flower Gardens category, Diane Kunze & John Neugebauer of the 1300 block of Orthodox Street won first place.
  • In the Flower Gardens category, Una Esther Coyle, of the 4600 block of Hawthorne street,¬† took third place.
  • Overington Park too third place in the community garden category.

Thanks to these folks and the Friends of Overington park who selflessly work to beautify and our neighborhood.

4 thoughts on “Frankford Gardeners are Winners

  1. It is also noteworthy that Diane and John win that first place every single year! Nice work!

  2. I wish they would show pic’s of the house on Orthodox St. John and Diane?? Both have Awesome gardens. One question I purchase mum’s every year and water them once a day but they die fast. What am I doing wrong?

  3. You could be over watering. That kills more plants then neglect. There is also the problem of mums grown in greenhouses that are forced for the season, they have a very bad survival rate. Treat them as you would a fresh flower arrangement, enjoy them for a few weeks and then put them in the compost pile. If you want to see them next year your best shot at that is to plant them as soon as you get them, and only water if we are having a dry spell. Good luck!

  4. What about plant food?

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