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Crime Picture in Frankford Continues to Improve

We have updated the crime map page for the period August 31 through September 13th of this year.  There was a 19% decline in overall major crime in Frankford during that period in 2009 versus 2008.   Since we started tracking the numbers this way on April 13th, the decline is 24%.  You can see the chart here.  That is welcome news.

A question came up a few weeks ago about the distribution of crime and I claimed that there are areas of Frankford that are relatively crime free.  I plot the crime on a google map every two weeks and when you look at it closely, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees.  The graphic below is based on 8/31 to 9/13/09.  I drew a bit on this to illustrate in red the borders of the (major) crime free zone.

CRIME TRIANGLEYou naturally would think that Northwood will show up and it does.  The surprise (to me anyway) is that East Frankford stands out even more.

Blue is robbery.  Yellow is burglary.  pink is aggravated assault.  I don’t map the thefts but they seem to follow the same pattern.

One thought is that the police presence is so strong in those areas that the criminals are afraid to come out.  I also thought that maybe the crime is not being reported or maybe the police are just not sending reports downtown.  That doesn’t seem likely.  If there is not crime then there is no job.  Under reporting seems unlikely.

On the other hand, maybe this makes sense.  East Frankford, from what I have seen, is a pretty tight community.  There are many long time residents who did not flee when things got tough.  They watch out for everybody and know when things are happening that should not.  it’s just that kind of atmosphere that makes it hard for the scum and vermin to make a living.

The areas with the most crime runs along Frankford Avenue and on the streets running parallel to it.  If you look closely you can see a burglary problem going along Oakland, Akron, Pilling and in that area.

Thank a cop the next time you see one.  These low life characters didn’t decide to reform, the cops are making it to hard for them to make a living.

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  1. Yikes, I live on Pilling Street! I heard of no crime. I consider this block a “tight street” Just checked EveryBlock all the way back to early July and not one crime report. Might have to wheel that canon from Overington Park in front of my house!

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