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Frankford’s Biggest Market

When you talk economics, you hear a lot about markets.  There is a market that seems to have grown spontaneously over the last year down on Torresdale Avenue.  It’s happening every weekend and I walked through there Sunday morning to take a look.  There is a heck of a lot of stuff:  Clothes, toys, household goods, furniture, almost everything you can imagine.

If you have been to Europe, you may have seen some of the famous flea markets over there. This is a link to the Rastro, Madrid’s famous flea market. We should be so lucky but now it looks like Frankford has a unique informal version of our own.

Its runs roughly from Berkshire Street down to Adams Avenue on Torresdale Avenue.  Lots of folks selling stuff.  Take a look.

2 thoughts on “Frankford’s Biggest Market

  1. Is it terrible that I never recognized this as a legitimate flea market, but thought it was a homeless junk market?

    Now I’m more inclined to stop by next time I pass it.

  2. It’s one of those things you see that just happen. If you drive through the city, in the less affluent areas, there are a few of these things that I have tripped over lately. Some are just individuals and then some are this kind of thing that attracts a lot more.

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