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End of Fall

Yes it isn’t even Winter yet and here we are with record snow on the ground and Christmas just a few days away.  

From Jack Hohenstein, Frankford’s resident Haiku master.  The captions are my own.

That storm blew and blew .

I can’t see the wind,

But I see the swirling snow

And I imagine.

Digging out.

The snow shovel stops.

Honking geese fill sky and ear.

They used to go south.

Walking down to the Avenue

Hard city snow paths –

Crooked ice limits and dares –

Maps of history.

Getting ready for Christmas this week.

Innocent fir tree,

Naked as Adam and Eve,

Awaiting Christmas.

People getting together for the holiday.

Christmas and New Year’s,

Gatherings and leave-takings,

Bittersweet blessings

Then the glow of the holiday is over.

It is always hard

To say goodbye to Christmas.

We undressed the tree.

Thinking back in time of Christmas past.

No amount of talk

Can image for our children

Our lives as children.

From One Temperature by Jack Hohenstein.  Copyright 2005 Jack Hohenstein, Published by Full Court Press, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

There are copies of Jack’s book available at the Free Library branch in Frankford.