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New Construction in Frankford

On the corner of Charles and Pratt Streets is a new house.  Built by J. F. Gorman and Associates for the owner of the lot.  It’s modular which is something you don’t see very often in Philadelphia.  Clearly the owner is a man of faith and vision.

3 thoughts on “New Construction in Frankford

  1. I did not know modular housing was legal in Philadelphia. What a super idea! How is that L&I missed the opportunity to screw that up for the people of Philadelphia? I love those modular houses for places where there are no hurricanes like Philadelphia. I have seen them on trailer park like settings in other states and in rural counties and they were full of nice ammenities at a reasonable price usually on rented lots. I bet some streets in Philly would not be wide enough to bring the halves to the lot on the trucks. But it seems like a logical way to house people on all these empty lots all over town. I like this!

  2. was this the same lot that they were trying to split up and sell as middle income townhouses a while ago?

  3. No, that one was up near Hawthorne Street.

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