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Aerial Photos of Friends Hospital

Thankfully I’ve never had to be on the grounds of Friends Hospital.  But Microsoft’s Bing Maps has bird’s eye view of the grounds and after driving by it for so many years I didn’t realize how big the grounds were or how extensive the the buildings were.  Check it out.  You’ll have to click on “Aerial” then “Bird’s eye”.

5 thoughts on “Aerial Photos of Friends Hospital

  1. Friends Hospital use to have the Azalea Show which took place in May or June. The grounds are beautiful and much larger than you would expect from the Boulevard view. I wonder if they still have the Azalea tour?

  2. I sent an email to the public relations contact listed on their site. We’ll see if they respond.

  3. You should regret you’ve never been to the grounds at historic Friends Hospital; they are gorgeous! Treat yourself. It’s an oasis.

  4. Just called Friends Hospital to find out if their annual mothers’ day tour of their azalea gardens were still an annual option but apparently they don’t do them anymore. Very sad. I wrote the following letter to the Hospital via their website contact (which is likely outdated and not going anywhere)

    What happened at Friends Hospital when it was sold to Temple? Did they uproot all of the amazing azaleas that mothers and their children used to tour every single mothers’ day or did they decide that even one weekend of public visitors was not worth their bottom line?

    What a disappointment! And the Friends Hospital website is a bit disappointing too with a blank page for “events” which apparently don’t happen any more (so why not just remove the menu item from the site).

    It would appear that what was once a progressive institution run by a concerned religious community has been totally sold down the river to the corporate interests of Temple U. Healthcare.

    The gardens and the friends will be sorely missed in that part of town.


    Kali Morgan

  5. Azaleas need to be replaced every 40 years. The Azaleas on Purple Hill were getting old.
    It will take several years for young plants to grow large enough to be attractive.
    I miss Garden Days, too.

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