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Adams Ave From Aramingo to I95 Set To Be Stricken From City Plan

It’s cool though, cause it’s not really a street anyways.  Item 11 of the January 19th meeting for the Philadelphia City Planning Commissions shows:

Streets Bill No. 090924: Authorizing the striking and vacating the legally open portions of Adams Avenue from Aramingo Avenue to the northwesterly right-of-way line of the Delaware Expressway and reserving and placing on the City Plan a right-of-way for drainage purposes within a portion of Adams Avenue being stricken (Introduced by Councilmember Krajewski on December 17, 2009; Presented by William Erickson).

This is my interpretation of the section in question:

It’d be cool if they were strickening and doing draining for development but I get the impression it’s just for city map house cleaning seeing that it’s all under highway.