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Adams Ave From Aramingo to I95 Set To Be Stricken From City Plan

It’s cool though, cause it’s not really a street anyways.  Item 11 of the January 19th meeting for the Philadelphia City Planning Commissions shows:

Streets Bill No. 090924: Authorizing the striking and vacating the legally open portions of Adams Avenue from Aramingo Avenue to the northwesterly right-of-way line of the Delaware Expressway and reserving and placing on the City Plan a right-of-way for drainage purposes within a portion of Adams Avenue being stricken (Introduced by Councilmember Krajewski on December 17, 2009; Presented by William Erickson).

This is my interpretation of the section in question:

It’d be cool if they were strickening and doing draining for development but I get the impression it’s just for city map house cleaning seeing that it’s all under highway.

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Fire on Adams Avenue

We didn’t think it was necessary to say anything about the fire on Adams Avenue on Monday.  The local media just eat up that kind of thing,  Before I knew there was a fire, I remember hearing the chatter of 4 news helicopters hovering over my roof through the haze of what should have been a peaceful nights sleep.

A faithful reader supplied us with this link to that has some spectacular pictures.  It is a miracle that there was no loss of life.

This is a view of the fire from Youtube:

These is what the scene looks like today.