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This Monday, give your input towards the Frankford Creek Greenway Plan

This Monday, September 30th at Juniata Golf Course, the Philadelphia Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation will be hosting the first public meeting to discuss the Frankford Creek Greenway.  The details for the plan are still getting hashed out, and if the community doesn’t give it’s input, the decisions will be made for us.  Half of the Frankford Creek looks like an open sewer, but there’s plenty of potential.  And for me personally, I would like to see the Frankford Creek Greenway go down Church Street to continue to contribute to the good development going on at the Globe Dye Works.  And that’s not necessarily in the plan yet.  So show up and help me out.

frankford greenway public meeting


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Tidbit: Philly History Blog profiles Frankford Creek sewerization

Ken Finkel over on the Philly History Blog gives a profile of the Frankford Creek and the reasons why it was converted into a channel in the early 20th century.  He also points out the remains of Tremont Mills at the corner of Wingohocking and Adams.  We did a before and after of this interesting building in 2009.

Interestingly, he points out a photo with a wide view of the Creek taken in 1912 that is claimed to be at the corner of Dungan and Lycoming streets.

This looks to me to be on Wingohocking near Castor looking down.  I’d love for someone to weigh in here.