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Church Street Development

I haven’t been over the 1600 block of Church Street for a while now and today as I drove by I almost caused an accident as I stopped in the middle of the block to take in the action.  I knew it wasn’t a new building right there at 1632 but it sure did look good.  I got home and checked out the location on Google maps to see what it had been.  You can see that here.

Today we have this, thanks to Frankford Associates LTD.

Don’t know what plans they have for the building.  Anybody know anything about its history?

5 thoughts on “Church Street Development

  1. I think that Old Frankford will be the first part of Frankford to get better. It has a bunch of occupied Factories doing arty/artisan type stuff and The Dye Works is easiest to get to by walking down Church Street from the El. I wouldn’t be suprised to hear that what’s going on in that building is good news.

  2. This was a CNA training school. But someone told me the company that was running the school went out of business. There used to be shingle style sign by the entrance, but that blew down in the last No’easter.

    In this photo it looks like the upper windows are being replaced. Unfortunately I think someone had broken each of them with a rock.

  3. The upper windows are now sealed with OSB. Cheaper than replacing the glass I guess.

    Leahy is/was the CNA agency using the building.

  4. I knew we could count on ob to keep an eye on things down there.

  5. […] will be.  It looks like another quality rehab job.  Only a block away from the other building on Church Street we posted about back in April. Former Adath Zion […]

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