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Thankfully, Our Neighbor Had Our Back!

We were reminded today of how important neighbors are! We are very fortunate! During the bad weather this past winter, our kind neighbors used their snow blower and shovels to dig us out. While we recently traveled, trying to find the sun and its warmth, we knew that our watchful and protective neighbors would watch our house.

We went out mid-morning to Lowe’s and the bookstore and grabbed a quick lunch at Starbucks (someone had given us gift certificates). When we came home, I have to go around the corner because our street is one way and I always look to see if my parking space is available. When I looked down today, I saw 2 police cars and a police van. It looked like something BIG was going on!

When we pulled up, our neighbors motioned to the officers that we were the owners. A man, whom no one in the area recognized, had used our front patio to leap over our garage doors. Our neighbor, seeing this, wondered whether to intervene himself or call the police. We’re glad he called the police. They came quickly – that’s another post – and this man had broken into our RV and was taking a DVD player.

How many of us would have gotten involved, even willing to be a witness when the police asked? We hear stories of people who are frightened and afraid to get involved because of retribution. I do understand that. But if we don’t look out for each other, who will? Those who use a opportunity to steal and rob? Or those who do worse? I don’t think so.

Our neighbor is a hero. I told him that and he said he would tell his wife. I also told him we already knew that about him. God bless you, neighbor and friend! God bless all those who are willing to get involved and help their neighbors!