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A Shout Out and A Thank You to the Phila. Police Officers of the 15th District!

I wrote about our good friend and neighbor who spotted a man jumping our garage door to pick out and up a few items! Well, I want to thank the officers of the 15th Police District led by Officer Brookes, Badge #1306, who responded so quickly on Friday. One of them had to jump our garage, too, and that’s not an easy task!

Because of their quick response, this man was caught. Many times, burglaries and thefts are crimes of opportunity. An unlocked car, unlocked or open window and someone looking to grab and go has come upon an ideal situation. We need to review our security plan to avoid such incidences. Today’s economic times are difficult and people resort to whatever they need to do to survive.

All the more reason, we depend on our police officers to be there when they are needed. Thank you for what you do each and every day. Yes, it is your job but to us it means so much more!

You may have read about Operation Pressure Point which is aimed at troubled neighborhoods during the warm weather weekends we’ll be having now and throughout the summer. Whose neighborhood isn’t troubled in warmer weather? 18 agencies are working together in this operation. Last weekend, I noticed more of a police presence when we were out and about. This effort is appreciated!

If we want the quality of life that I think we all desire, then we must work together to do whatever it takes to “clean up” our neighborhoods! Again, thank you Officer Brookes and the other police officers who came to our aid on Friday afternoon!