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Mark Freeman from Northwood

We monitor statistics on the visitors to the Gazette page and there is a lot of data available.  One thing that amazed me at first was the number of visitors who are logging in from Europe.  I wondered what they were searching for that brought them here.  Maybe they were searching for Frankfort in Germany and found Frankford in Philadelphia.

Yesterday I got an email from Mark Freeman in Artix France.

I grew up in Frankford during the late 50’s thru the early 70’s, after which I traveled the world. I now live in southern France , and love to check out your site from time to time just to keep up with the evolution of my neighborhood, and the community that to a large extent forged my character.

I went to Edmunds School, and lived at 1133 Harrison St…

Because of a fire, I don’t have a single photo of my childhood home.  Would you by chance have a photo of that house in your archives?  I would really be thankful if you could send me one by e-mail.

I happened to be going out that way and I took one for him and sent it off.  So who knows how many former residents are out there traveling the world and just want to find out what is going on in the old neighborhood.   Good to hear from you Mark.  Keep in touch.

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  1. I check in also to see what the “old neighborhood” is up to these days. I lived there from 65 until 79. Have been in FL since.

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