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Historical Society of Frankford Meeting

Historical Society of Frankford (HSF) held its monthly meeting this past Tuesday on May11th.  The society’s newest exhibit offers historic aspects of food in Northeast Philadelphia, highlighting culture, preparation, storage and marketing.  Frankford Friends School students researched the history of local food sources and establishments.

Now the interesting thing to me was that the kids made models of some of the places that were on Frankford Avenue during different time periods.  You can see what they did in the short video below.

Sarah, Micah and Austin took turns reading their paper explaining their research.  The models done by the students were on display as you can see in the video.  It was interesting that one of the models was of the Jolly Post hotel.  As we sat in the hall at the HSF, we were on the land that was once the orchard of the Jolly Post.  I can picture John Adams stopping by the Jolly Post for lunch on the way to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia for a meal in the quiet of the country before arriving in bustling Philadelphia.  He could have strolled on that very ground.

The last piece of the video is of Patricia Coyne plugging the upcoming Frankford version of the Antiques Road Show.  You might consider attending if for no other reason than to see what everybody else brings for appraisal.