• Gil

    Thanks to Joe Menk for the tip.

  • Joe Vatto

    This fire was not investigated very thoroughly. Every neighbor on the block knows that this guy had a bunch of illegal fireworks in his house. The story he gaves the fire dept. is horse dung. No house has multiple explosions and ignites that quick. All the neighbors whine and complain about this guy but never did anything about him; ezcept for a few. Now his neighbors will have a permanent reminder of what a donkey hole this guy is. Hopefully he’ll leave now and never return. Too bad for his next door neighbor and the damage to her home, she’s a fabulous woman.

  • Gil

    Thanks for insight into that angle of the story.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure the fire marshall will figure out the real cause of this fire, instead of the speculation of a bunch of neighbors. Because everyone knows the neighborhood gossip is always the most accurate account of what happens. Maybe we should give our officials some credit!

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  • Anonymous

    This was no gas explosion and it ‘s no rumor the owner always had fireworks. The unknown part of the story was the fire marshal report. There was no mention that there were propane tanks in the basement and that he was grinding metal tools when the fire broke out. Now we are being told he is rebuilding a new 3 story house. The third floor was approved before the fire.

  • Jim

    It’s nice that they’re planning on rebuilding.

  • NCA President Emeritus

    “Now we are being told he is rebuilding a new 3 story house. The third floor was approved before the fire.” – anon.

    That’s interesting.

    Who approved a third floor addition?

    I understand that sometimes there are zoning hearings to legitimize an addition that was done illegally, but when was the zoning hearing?

    I think this person (owner) better meet with the Civic Association with any new plans to build.

    Any new home construction in the deed restricted area of Northwood should only consist of Single Family Dwellings –


    It will be interesting.


  • Jim

    Yeah, apartments or duplex. That’s interesting. When I first found out that they were demolishing the house I didn’t imagine someone trying to rebuild a house there. The cost of building a house is the same whether you do it up here or down in Northern Liberties.

    It seems plausible that they could try to put up a three story apartment building. Gotta keep an eye out for that.

  • anon

    Isn’t that the guy who put together the block parties? They were so fun.

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