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Orthodox and Paul Streets

I happened to by by the corner of Paul and Orthodox yesterday.  I noticed the work being done on the corner property a few weeks ago.  It really stands out for a quality job.  Have a look at the before from Google maps:

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And this is how it looks now. Some rehabs in Frankford looks worse than they did after they are finished. This one is very nice. Not sure who owns it or what it will be used for. Maybe one of our informants has the scoop on it.

3 thoughts on “Orthodox and Paul Streets

  1. I’ve noticed the progress on my way to 3rd Fed. What an excellent job!

  2. It is the A & W Builders new office, formerly known as Gambrel’s Home Improvements. They are showcasing their work for the start of Frankford’s revitalization efforts. Please stop by and see, beautiful work.

  3. Thanks Jason. Great showcase.

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