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Trouble at Overington Park

From Park friend:

I posted something on the message board about what has been going on in the park. Last night (Monday June 21st) they chewed through a tree ripping it in half and killing the tree. This makes 5 dead trees! They think this is funny. The city and PHS thought we were worth giving the new trees to make our park a better place, these thugs are making us all look bad. Someone has to see who is doing this damage. All we need is a picture of the guy in charge of the dogs that we can give to the police. If you see the dogs on the trees call the cops, or snap a discreet picture of the man and send it to me I’ll pass it on to the police. This guy won’t stop until all the trees are gone, then he thinks all the good people will leave the park to him to do his business. We must stop this PIG from taking our park! Please put the word out, we need help.

I was over there yesterday to get a picture of the tree.  No sign of the perpetrator but if there had been I would have been all over 911.  You just can’t let these things pass.  That park is too beautiful to let it be taken over by vermin.

11 thoughts on “Trouble at Overington Park

  1. he is a black male he has two brown and white pit bulls and a smaller black one. he lives on Oxford Ave near the old oxford pizza you can see the dogs running loose on Oxford sometimes and other times behind the gate. He often lets them off leash in the park.

  2. Crazymommy is 100% right. I see the same man early in the morning during the week. He lets the dogs chase cats, often they run out of the park, into the street, and on the lawns across the street. He usually comes to the park on Saturdays between 10:00 and 12:00 noon. if I see loose dogs I will call the cops.

  3. Let’s say you see the guy with his dogs in the park and the dogs are off the leash and you call 911 on your cell. By the time the police arrive the guy and his dogs will be out of the park. Even though we know where this guy lives, the police will have to catch this guy in the act of letting his dogs run loose in the park. Knowing his dog walking schedule is good but the police have to be willing to co-operate and wait for this guy to show up. Why not get a group of “Park Friends” to meet during his dog walking schedule and a group of people (not just one person) speak to this guy, in a non-threathening manner, and explain what his dogs are doing to the park?

  4. This guy and the dog must have walked pass one of the houses or stores which have video camera. If anyone have a video of this guy and the dog, could you share with us. So more people will recognize if this is the guy or not.

  5. I live on Pilling Street. The guy did not show up today. I am willing to go with a group of people to confront him. Keep an eye out for him. If a lot of people call 911, it could make a difference.

  6. You should all be carefull about confronting a person who is probably unstable judging from his behavior I wouldn’t rush to meet up with him without back up perhaps a bike cop? They ride around that area alot because of the nuisnace house at Penn and Overington.

  7. Some people have their own versions of 911. Instead of calling 911, they are the 911. I don’t know what is the civilize way of dealing with thing. I would assume it would be base on each case or situation.

  8. I understand the Dept of Recreation has a complaint in regarding this guy and the destruction caused by his dogs. According to Bill, the groundskeeper at the Park, a patrol car drives through the park regularly in response the Dept’s complaint.

  9. anybody remember Al the parks groundskeeper in the 70’s?

  10. Wait a second……has anyone actually seen the dogs doing this? Are we sure we’re going after the right culprit?

  11. […] few months ago we were talking about the damage some dog owners had done to Overington Park and today we had kids and pets all over.   Beneath the shade of the old tree […]

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