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Overington Park Needs Your Help

This coming Wednesday, July 14, at 10:00 AM, Philadelphia Inquirer Reporter Kia Gregory will be visiting Overington Park to write an article about the serious damage that has been inflicted on the Park trees, and the danger to Park visitors, by dogs whose owners who are apparently involved in dog fighting.
Kim will be bringing a photographer. The article will hopefully help us to bring out community support so that we can protect our Park.
We need lots of you, Overington Park Friends, supporters and volunteers, to be there with us for the Newspaper interview & photo. We want the Reporter to see the great support that the Park has.
Please come if you can!
Here is more information:
Overington Park is having a serious problem with a few dog owners that are apparently using the Park trees to train “fighting” dogs. The dogs are off-leash, and set onto the trees to rip off the bark.  Nine newly planted trees are already damaged beyond repair. Now the
rest of them and many bigger trees are being attacked. After being spoken to by Park volunteers, these dog owners responded by setting fire to the dog bag station.
Because over $2,000 dollars worth of damage has been done, the 15th Police District has assigned a Detective to the case, but the Police really need the eyes of the community to make any progress.

We basically need to call the Police immediately if they see anyone having their dogs tear up trees in the Park, or otherwise abuse the Park or the dogs. It would be great if they could get photos or video clips too!

People can call 911 or 311 or you can call and/or email the 15th Police District directly at 215-686-3150 or

Everyone has been enjoying Overington Park’s beautiful plantings and freshly painted benches, etc. Please help us keep our Park!

4 thoughts on “Overington Park Needs Your Help

  1. Is there anyone who could put up a temporary video camera to catch them in action? Or maybe a fund raiser to buy a camera set up? Bj”s sells them pretty cheap.

  2. the guy who has the pit bulls they call him” New Yorker” he lives on the corner of Oxford and Griscom the dogs are visable through the fence around his yard.

  3. Is dog fighting not against the law in Phila.? I grew up in Northwood, my kids used to play in Overington St. park.. I hate to see it be distroyed.. and yes, I live down south, and I raise and show “Champion English Springer Spanials……
    Bad dog owners make us all look bad.. Adjust your legislation………

  4. I seen him there last Sat or Sun with 3 pits. He walked around the park three times but I didn’t see the dogs destroying any tree’s. Still the dogs were off the lead and running wild.

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