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I don’t give too many plugs here but in the public interest I have to tout ReadyNotifyPA.  Sitting here amidst the thunderstorms tonight after I got notice of it about 30 minutes ago seems almost routine now.  This system has performed as it should and if you have a cell phone then by all means sign up.

I signed up for this last year to test it out thinking that like many other systems it was not likely to do what it was supposed to do.  I initially signed up for weather alerts and they started coming like clockwork.  I added police notices a few months ago and now when the 15th District has a meeting, my alert comes to me with a warning.

You pick from a list of various types of notices.  it’s not limited to Philadelphia, all the local counties are also included.  The best way to find out what is going on is to check out their web site.  Have a look here.  I highly recommend it.