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Take Back the Night

I was tempted to skip the Friday night event because I had been out all day and it was still 80 some degrees at 9:30 p.m. but duty called so I crawled on over to Pratt and Frankford to a look.  I was expecting maybe a few people but a nice diverse crowd was on the scene and I did what I could to capture the feeling of the event on video.

I hate those political speeches and these guys get enough face time as it is but if you listen all of Seth Williams he explains the point.  I won’t go into it here.  Also appearing is Tony Payton and the Reverend Richard Smith.  The promo said there would be a walk through Frankford and I was expecting maybe a march up the Avenue from Bridge to Orthodox but in fact it was far more extensive than that.  I followed only until Wakeling and Hawthorne when I had to leave.

Have a look.

1 thought on “Take Back the Night

  1. I did not attend the “Take Back The Night”, but just judging by the video it looked and sounded like a failed media event. I say failed media event because I did not see this covered by any of the major networks. Public prayers and speaches by those who want media coverage are not the things that are going to change the crime problem in Frankford.

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