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PSA1 Meeting on August 10th

The 15th District PSA1 meeting was held at Aria Health on Tuesday night August 10th.  I had some idea that there would be a good crowd but I’ve not often seen 50 people squeeze into that conference room, especially on a sweltering hot summer night in August.

Officer Andrews got the meeting rolling with a summary of old business.  Tim Wisniewski, executive director of the Frankford Special Services District, announced that the Safety Ambassadors would begin using the now vacant police trailer at the corner of Foulkrod and Frankford Avenue as an manned office.  The trailer has been a sore point in the community since everyone knows that it is useless as it is now unused.  It has been mocked by the drug dealers and prostitutes who go so far as to do their business in its shadow.  The safety ambassador’s presence will make that a bit more difficult.

So what brought all these people out to the meeting?  Several groups have issues on their blocks and all happened to come out on the same night.  The smart thing was that small groups of people got together and organized and decided to show up and ask for help.  They came from all parts of Frankford.

Officer Andrews recorded each issue and the sergeants made comments about them when something was known.  Followup will take place next month.

Sometimes there are no quick and easy solutions to these problems but if you don’t report it you can guarantee that it will just go on getting worse.  Let’s see if we can get more people out to the next PSA meeting.