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4712 Castor Avenue

4712 Castor Ave.

4712 Castor Avenue has often been discussed at the Northwood Civic meetings.  It is the big house on the corner of Castor and Herbert.  It is listed in the August 3rd sheriff sales.


4712 Castor Ave.     23rd Ward 13,638.80 sq. ft. BRT# 233126100 Improvements: Residential Property
RICHARD M. SNYDER C.P. April Term, 2007 No. 00523     $260,063.38     Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, LLP

Photo taken while it was vacant and courtesy of JM.

6 thoughts on “4712 Castor Avenue

  1. Would like to know whats the asking price is for this property, I’am very interested in buying the property please contact me as soon as possible Thank you Rodney White

  2. This property was selling for $285,000 in October 2010.

  3. I just don’t understand why this wonderful house is left to rot. The asking price of $285,000 is crazy. It will cost at least another $100,000 to bring it back to life. From my investigating I see it is owned by Fannie Mae. Why doesn’t Fannie Mae take the loss and let it go for back taxes in a lottery. At least some of us working class people might have a chance to restore this beauty to it’s original grandeur before it falls down.

  4. I have loved this house from childhood.I drive by and look to see if anyone has moved in..I would love to make it into a home..its a shame its not being loved..what a wonderful home it would make for someone who loves its beauty…My grandkids would just love it s yard space…HOW SAD

  5. This house was just bought by my family member 2-2011 who has all intentions of making this house more beautiful then ever before. It needs a ton of work so it will take some time but keep an eye out he’s on a roll to perfection I’m sure you will agree once completed. He will then move in his family of 5 who intends to reside there for years to come.

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